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There is so much magic to be found in 'alternative' modalities, ancient wisdom and natural medicine. This is what is most organic to us. While western medicine has its place and has served it's purpose, much of society has disconnected us from self. 

I help you to connect to your highest self. 

Energy Healing

Astral Plane Reading (with reiki)

Numerology Astrology Cards


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Biomat (Included with all sessions or can be used alone as treatment)

Light & Sound Therapy

Doula Services


We are all alchemists journeying through the human experience - together. We are here to experience, evolve and at this time, remember. You have unlimited healing power within you, a reservoir of energy to tap into. I integrate many practices to help facilitate growth, recovery, ease. We bring peace to your nervous system and offer your body reset and reflection. There you can find the truth & stop living unconsciously. I tap into my intuition as well as my diverse background. I pull from what comes naturally to me, my experience and what I've learned to assist you. My practice brings me deep joy. I am honored and excited to be apart of your journey.

As far as (formal education), I have a degree in Counseling Psychology from Johnson and Wales. 

I furthered my education at an Ayurvedic Massage School SAMA. That program was created by someone who became a dear friend and who I recognized on a soul level. She was also my teacher in learning Numerology/Astrology cards. 

My other certifications include Reiki (all levels), Tui Na, Polarity, QHT Hypnosis and I'm in the process of learning Doula Services. 

I was always called to being a healer and helping others, I see this now quite clearly. I have had many lifetimes helping to bring healing to my community in many ways. I have learned to heal myself with grace and compassion and I have gone through certain experiences to better assist you. We gravitate to people, places, information when we need to. Everything is frequency and alignment. When we are in alignment, we're in flow. When we're out of alignment, that's there to show us what we need to adjust.

Sharing my gifts and knowledge brings me happiness, confidence and gratitude. My work is deeply fulfilling for me, organic, intimate, honest and transformational. 

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Divine Alchemy
933 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

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